About Us

ICOHost is a platform which lets the investors compare different ICOs with thorough details of their project. It can be compared to an arena where different projects are laid out together to get evaluated by millions of assessors.

Our team comprises of brilliant minds who have analysed and traded cryptocurrencies since its very beginning. With this accumulated knowledge and keen foresight, we are now offering help to all those people who want to play safe and choose wisely among the myriad of ICOs.

We do free and paid listing both to support projects at different levels. Each and every project goes through a stringent process of reviews held by our experts, and then only it gets listed on our website. We have a board of experts and they all rate the projects individually. Before the final listing is done, the average score of a project is calculated based on the rating given by our experts.

As mentioned before, we don't provide paid rankings. Ranking is determined on the basis of ratings given by our experts, who conduct an unbiased and transparent evaluation.